Comparison of Acer Chromebook 14in (NX.GC2AA.005) vs ASUS VivoBook L203MA (L203MA-DS04)
Comparison of ASUS VivoBook L203MA (L203MA-DS04) vs Acer Chromebook 14in (NX.GC2AA.005)

Acer Chromebook 14in (NX.GC2AA.005) vs ASUS VivoBook L203MA (L203MA-DS04)

Comparison summary

For performance Acer Chromebook 14in has a bit faster processor.

The laptops have different operating systems, Chromebook 14in has Chrome OS and ASUS VivoBook L203MA has Windows 10.

Chromebook 14in features a higher resolution screen (Full HD).

Chromebook 14in has a bigger screen. For portability VivoBook L203MA is lighter and smaller in size.

VivoBook L203MA is a bit cheaper.

Compare technical specifications of Acer Chromebook 14in (NX.GC2AA.005)
Compare technical specifications of ASUS VivoBook L203MA (L203MA-DS04)

Acer Chromebook 14in (NX.GC2AA.005)

ASUS VivoBook L203MA (L203MA-DS04)

Compare specifications

Acer Chromebook 14in (NX.GC2AA.005)ASUS VivoBook L203MA (L203MA-DS04)
Processor (CPU)?Central Processing Unit is the heart of a laptop and is responsible for executing programs.
Intel Celeron N3160Intel Celeron N4000
Memory (RAM)?Memory increases the general speed of a laptop.
Screen size
Screen resolution
Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels)HD (1366 x 768 pixels)
3.7 lbs (1.68 kg)2.2 lbs (1 kg)
Size (length x width x height)
13.3858 x 9.29132 x 0.6999986 inches11.3 x 7.6 x 0.67 inches
(34 x 23.6 x 1.78 cm)(28.7 x 19.3 x 1.7 cm)
Operating system (OS)
Chrome OSWindows 10
Hard drives
64gb SSD List Price
$259.00$269.99 Lowest New Price
$259.00$248.98 Lowest Used Price
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$251.88 description

Acer Chromebook 14in Display, IPS Screen, 4GB Ram, 32GB Flash, ChromeOS, Laptop (Renewed)

This Intel Celeron N3160 Quad-core 1.60 GHz has a blazing fast Processor

With 4 GB of LPDDR3 Ram and 32 GB of storage space gives you plenty of room for files and pictures.

The 14in LCD Display and 1920 x 1080 resolution in Full HD will have you captivated.

Sporting a Chrome OS operating system equipped with Webcam, Microphone, 2 USB Ports, and HDMI Port

ASUS VivoBook L203MA Laptop, 11.6” HD Display, Intel Celeron Dual Core CPU, 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage, USB-C, Windows 10 Home In S Mode, Up To 10 Hours Battery Life, One Year of Microsoft 365, L203MA-DS04

Efficient Intel Celeron N4000 Processor (4M Cache, upto 2. 6 GHz)

11. 6 inch HD (1366 x 768) display

64GB em flash storage

One year of Microsoft Office 365 included

Slim and portable: 0. 7 inch thin and weighs only 2. 2 pounds (Battery included)

USB Type-C (Gen 1), USB Type-A, HDMI, micros connectivity

Wi-Fi 5 (802. 11AC) for speeds upto three times faster than 802. 11N

Windows 10 in S mode is the new standard in app and cloud based operating systems. Windows 10 in S mode is a 100% app based version of Windows where applications are verified and tested for quality on the Microsoft Store