Apple MacBook MC372LL/A

Apple MacBook MC372LL/A

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Apple MacBook MC372LL/A

Apple MacBook MC372LL/A


Apple MacBook MC372LL/A
Processor (CPU)?Central Processing Unit is the heart of a laptop and is responsible for executing programs.
Intel Core i5 Series
Memory (RAM)?Memory increases the general speed of a laptop.
Graphics card (GPU)?Graphics Processing Unit calculates 3D graphics and is essential for gaming and heavy programs.
GeForce GT 330M
Screen size
4 lbs (1.81 kg)
Size (length x width x height)
20.5 x 12.5 x 3 inches
(52.07 x 31.75 x 7.62 cm)
Operating system (OS)
Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6
Hard drives
500gb HDD List Price
$350.00 Lowest New Price
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Apple MC372LL/A MacBook Pro 15-inch Laptop (OLD VERSION) (Renewed)

The MacBook Pro "Core i5" 2.53 15-Inch (Mid-2010) is powered by a 32 nm, dual-core 2.53 GHz Intel "Core i5" I5-540M (Arrandale) processor, with dedicated 256k level 2 cache for each core and an 3 MB shared level 3 cache. This system also supports "Turbo Boost" -- which "automatically boosts the processor speed based on workload" up to 3.06 GHz for this model -- and "Hyper Threading" -- which allows the system to recognize four "virtual cores" or "threads."This MacBook is in near perfect cosmetic condition with the possibility of a few light hair marks and has been rigorously tested and determined functional by our CellFeee Certified team. It comes in aftermarket packaging and includes the original Apple MagSafe power adapter.

Intel Core i5 Processor 2.53GHz

500GB 5400RPM Hard Drive

15.4-Inch Screen, Intel HD Graphics and NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M