Dell Inspiron 15.6 IN HD (7.05 pounds)

Dell Inspiron 15.6 IN HD (7.05 pounds)


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Dell Inspiron 15.6 IN HD (7.05 pounds)

Dell Inspiron 15.6 IN HD (7.05 pounds)


Dell Inspiron 15.6 IN HD (7.05 pounds)
Processor (CPU)?Central Processing Unit is the heart of a laptop and is responsible for executing programs.
AMD A6-9200
Memory (RAM)?Memory increases the general speed of a laptop.
Graphics card (GPU)?Graphics Processing Unit calculates 3D graphics and is essential for gaming and heavy programs.
Radeon R4
Screen size
Screen resolution
HD (1366 x 768 pixels)
2.65 lbs (1.2 kg)
Size (length x width x height)
15 x 10.2 x 0.9 inches
(38.1 x 25.91 x 2.29 cm)
Operating system (OS)
Windows 10
Hard drives
500gb HDD List Price
$271.00 Lowest New Price
$265.00 Lowest Used Price
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2018 Dell Inspiron 15.6 IN HD Widescreen LED Laptop, AMD A6-9200 accelerated Processor, 4GB DDR4 SDRAM, 500GB HDD 5400RPM, AMD Radeon R4 Integrated Graphics, Win10, Webcam, DVD-RW

15.6" display -- Typical 1366 x 768 HD resolution. Energy-efficient LED backlight.

AMD A6-9200 accelerated processor -- Dual-core processing. AMD A6 APU handles the AMD Radeon graphics alongside the central processor to balance the load, enabling great performance, rapid multitasking and immersive entertainment.

AMD Radeon R4 -- Integrated graphics chipset with shared video memory provides solid image quality for Internet use, movies, basic photo editing and casual gaming.

4GB system memory for basic multitasking; 500GB hard drive for serviceable file storage space

Windows 10 operating system; Weighs 5.07 lbs. and measures 0.9" thin