Most Popular Laptop Brands in 2018

I researched Google Trends' search analytics for every major laptop brand from 2004 to 2018 and plotted the results on a line chart. Here are the Top 10 most searched laptop brands from Google search trends:

Most searched laptop brands worldwide

100% = laptop searches made for Lenovo in December 2016

As you can see, Lenovo has been dominatingly the most popular laptop brand for five years in a row.

From the chart we can infer that before 2007 Toshiba was number one with only Acer coming close. In 2007 there was a close battle between Toshiba, Acer and HP, but Toshiba started dropping and from 2008 to 2012 Acer and HP were almost identical in the domination of search queries. In the last year interest in Toshiba has dropped to 8th place.

Collecting the data

Google Trends shows the relative popularity of a search query. Google doesn't share exact search counts, so the data is proportionate to the most searched brand in a single month: Lenovo in December 2016 (100%).

The data uses Google Trends' own "Laptops & Notebooks" category that can differentiate search intent for "Apple MacBook" or "Apple iPhone" and "HP laptops" or "HP sauce". Though it's not perfect, it gives the most accurate publicly available data.

Lenovo's popularity per country

Next, I investigated where exactly Lenovo gains its massive popularity. Google Trends data shows that Lenovo is most the popular in India, Indonesia and Malaysia.

You can see more on here.

As Asia has a big impact on Lenovo's popularity I decided to gather a new set of data but limit to searches done in the USA to see if it made a difference:

Most searched laptop brands in the USA

100% = laptop searches made for Lenovo in August 2011

Lenovo is still the most searched laptop, but HP and Apple are competing much closer.

HP's August 2011 search spike was due to their business decisions that led to their stock plummeting. Still, the most searched brand was HP during the end of the year and Christmas sales of 2009, so it deserves the first place.

Monthly average search popularity for top 10 laptop brands from March 2017 to February 2018

Lastly, here are the exact popularity values from last 12 months. From this table, we can see that maybe unsurprisingly US brands are more popular in the US. Both Lenovo and ASUS are searched less in both US and UK.

BrandWorldwideUnited StatesUnited Kingdom
Lenovo89%61% -31%59% -34%
HP27%41% +52%29% +7%
Acer21%20% -5%23% +10%
ASUS17%15% -12%12% -29%
Dell14%22% +57%14%
Apple13%36% +177%25% +92%
Samsung12%12% 13% +8%
Toshiba8%15% +88%11% +38%
Microsoft6%17% +183%10% +67%
Sony5%5% 6% +20%